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Meet The Delightful Team

The Founder

Kristin Cipes

Kristin is a busy mother of two who has spent a lot of time in the gym. She understands the commitment it takes to find the time to not only stay fit but also eat the right foods. Healthy food. Eating healthy usually means sacrificing good taste. And with all the other everyday demands, shopping and preparing healthy meals to support a fitness regimen takes additional planning time, too.  Her journey started at the young age of 10.  It clicked when she realized fast food and junk food just didn't make sense for fueling the body and accomplishing dreams and goals and living a long, healthy life.  She set out to help people live healthier lives and teach them lifelong habits.  She has degrees and certifications in health, nutrition, and fitness and over the last decade owned gyms internationally, in Spain and Mexico, managed fitness centers, taught hundreds of fitness classes, trained many clients and developed various nutrition and wellness programs that still run today. 

Combining her collective experience in fitness, nutrition counseling and food prep, means Local Delights is nutritious and delicious. Prepared by loving hands, taking care to cook vegetables and carbs al dente, (not too soft; firm to the bite) so they won’t be over-cooked when reheated. Hand-packed in hand-made, insulated wood crates, Local Delights are delivered “fresh” (not frozen), every week, to designated, convenient pickup locations in Ashland and Medford or directly to your doorstep. Right in your own backyard (well, almost).

The Cook

Vera Eppard

When Vera was eighteen she was lucky enough to land a job as a line cook at a five-star restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. What ensued was the equivalent of a culinary boot camp, two of the most frustrating and fruitful years of her life. She left then for the farthest reaches of the globe, taking a job cooking on a research base at the South Pole, Antarctica. It was here She really developed a taste for fresh, local ingredients, as they were on an ice shelf with none to be found. From there she traveled the world finally ending up here in beautiful Southern Oregon. She feels proud of her work at PNW Local Delights, she believes our locally sourced and extremely convenient meals to be paramount in taste and nutrition. Our kitchen is a loving environment in which founder Kristin Cipes and Vera take extra time and care to deliver only the best to our clients. We love what we do and it shows!

The Vegan Vixen

Stefanie Tebo

Stefanie a Yogi for Life with an approach that nurtures the integrated self. She believes that optimal health and well-being takes in to consideration the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Her love for cooking began as a small child when her Nana taught her how to tend the garden and cook whole foods made with love. "I get excited when I create meals that are tasty and also nourish the body." say Tebo

 She was introduced to yoga at the age of eight and in her twenties began teaching the physical practice of yoga and the yogic lifestyle to fellow yogis of all ages. She has been a teacher and huge fan of mindfulness and meditation for quite sometime. Throughout her studies, she has had the opportunity to learn about eastern and western approaches towards health. By the end of the year she will have completed a Masters in Health and Wellness Coaching with an emphasis in Integrative Health practices. Her current life purpose is supporting and helping others achieve their ultimate vision of themselves. 

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