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How It Works

Save the work for us!

It's easy with PNW Local Delights.

Here are our several easy steps to follow:

STEP 1:  Choose Your Meals (Here)

We want you and your taste buds satisfied! Start by choosing a subscription plans and then customize your order with any ($40 meal minimum) of our delightful options. Each week your cart will autofill based on your choices and dietary preferences. Keep it the same, try different Delights, or skip your order for the week. It's that easy! And don't worry we send you a reminder each week about your meals with an easy link to make changes at any time.  

Note: Orders must be placed or changed by Thursday at 8:00pm for the following Monday's delivery.

STEP 2:  Meal Pick up or Delivery (Here)


Your fresh meals will be delivered each Monday between 8:00am-2:00pm to your designated location chosen during check out. Meals are packed in a numbered and insulated crate or tote with an ice pack inside. Make sure to check your number carefully and take only your designated meals home. Totes and crates are designed to keep meals fresh until pick up. As best practice please pick up your meals and refrigerate them as soon as possible. 

STEP 3:  Eat Up!

Your refrigerated meals are good for the week after pick up (through each Saturday)


    Microwave - Pop one corner of the lid to allow ventilation and heat on high for 1:00-3:00.  (all microwaves vary, try not to over heat) 

    Stove Top - Place meal contents in a stove top pan, cover, and heat for 5-10 minutes on medium heat.

    Oven - Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Place meal contents in an oven safe dish and heat for 5-10 minutes.

    Get Delightsfully Creative- Make PNW Local Delights your way!  Tacos for the kids, Chicken Salad Sandwich for a quick lunch break, Stir Fry for the whole family.  Perfect fit for every healthy lifestyle.






Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: When will my order be ready? Where do I pick up? 


Meal orders are delivered every Monday morning. During your check out process you will be prompted to select a Pickup Location. You can find pickup locations and hours here. Orders must be entered by midnight of the previous Thursday for inclusion in the following Monday delivery. You will receive an automated email confirming your order and designated Pickup Location. 

Q: How will my meals stay fresh until I pick them up? 


Your meals will be hand-packed in our hand-crafted, insulated Crates. Be sure you are aware of the available pickup times at your designated Pickup Location (some locations have restricted times for pickup). Our crates are designed to keep your meals fresh for up to twelve (12) hours, allowing plenty of time for you to pick them up. DO NOT REMOVE THE ICE PACKS that are inside the crates. 

We recommend transferring your meals to a refrigerator as soon as possible to maintain extended freshness.

Q: Your meals state 4-oz. portions but they weigh less? 


All of our meal serving sizes are weighed and measured uncooked, which accounts for any disparity.

Q: I have food sensitivities. Do you accommodate for food allergies, etc? 


All of our meals are gluten free and dairy free. We take extra care to follow all food safety guidelines in the kitchen.  When you sign up for meals delivered you will be able to choose dietary preferences and mark allergens.  If your preference does not appear please email for special instructions and requests. 

Q: How will I know which crate my meals are in? 


You will be assigned a crate or tote number once you place your order.  A confirmation email or text will be sent to you confirming your meal order, pickup location and crate/tote assignments.  Please check your assigned number when arriving to pick up your meals.  If you accidentally pick-up someone else meals please return the crate/tote immediately to its original location.

Q: Why are my meals not labeled?

To watch our footprint on Earth we do not label our containers. It is easier to wash, sanitize, and reuse containers.  Please refer to your order history at Send Bottles for each week's ordered menu.  We are currently working on a low footprint solution to labeling.    

Q: How does the crate and tote exchange work?


For a smooth home delivery each week it is important to leave your tote/crate (with ice pack inside) outside your front door by Monday morning.  The empty tote/crate will be replaced with your fresh meal filled one before 2:00pm each Monday.

For a smooth pick up location exchange please replace your empty tote/crate (with ice pack inside) each week when picking up your meals.  For smooth workplace exchange please leave your empty tote/crate (with ice pack inside) at your work place's front desk.  For special instructions on delivery for home or work place please contact us.  Please note: any tote, crate, or ice packs not left out or dropped off may result in an extra fee or possible redemption of your meal delivery service.

Q: Do you deliver on holidays that fall on a Monday?


Should 4th of July fall on a Monday, delivery will be scheduled for the following business day. PNW Local Delights does not deliver any Mondays the fall between Christmas and New Years Day. In the event of any other unscheduled interruption it will be posted on our website, social media, and/or you will receive an email notification.

(Please Read Carefully) 

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